Well it seems that a lotta the folks we know and love (ourselves included) are in for a spattering of snow.  And despite predictions that we should get more up north, I know the road conditions will be worst in the south.  So please people, DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!!!

But before the next blanket of fleecy water hits us I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from Williams Bay and our last big snow there.  Enjoy!

Isn’t that fella just too charming?

You could get lost in it all.  With that much glitter it’s hard to get cold.  This photo may not be the most original or the most artistic but as a person who loves snow and never felt to get enough of it as a child snowscapes are just enchanting.  Now take a peak at the snap shot and envision 360 degree viewings of more.

But the lake was still water, not ice, so no speed boat shots.

Taco and Hilde are acclimating.

So if you can on a snowy day.  Play!  Bake bread and eat soup.  End it in front of a fire with hot cocoa topped in giant marshmallows.