As promised, with at home internet, here are some photos of our new resting place.

Have I mentioned that I love kitchens?  They tend to be the first place that I unpack and sort out in a new residence.  I used to think this was because they tend to be the most manageable and feel like the biggest accomplishment when done.  The room is functional and fun, agreed?  Then it came to me, another reason to love kitchens–as a person who loves cubby holes a kitchen is loaded with them.  Per cubic foot they are the maximum cubby-hole to room size ratio and you can generally find a place for everything to be tucked away.

(My back is to the fridge.)

Our bikes received good treatment too.  They do take up a bit of space but fit nicely into the obtuse angle of our living room as well as fill in the otherwise seemingly difficult to utitilze space in the walkway into the mainroom.

The bedroom is fairly large and you may recognize our bedding.

Return of the road trip bed!  Best 40$ we ever spent.  We slept awesome in the back of the Taco and now we are sleeping awesome indoors.

The windows throughout the apartment are large and wonderful.  The natural light really can uplift a morning no matter how early the alarm feels to have gone off (assuming it was at least decent enough not to beat out the sun). The curtain is a bit narrow for the window but does a nice job of blocking out light for a bit of a snooze in.  I made them to fit the windows at the camp, although I have been known to have measurement issues with sewing projects before.  Just a couple of sheets and BAM! functional curtains.

Given that all of our stuff from Louisville (currently in Annie’s basement, Amy’s garage, and other hidey-holes throughout Lexington) wouldn’t fit in comfortably we’ve supplemented with a few rock-star Goodwill finds.  That blue thing Ryan is sitting on is a quite comfortable little love seat, a steal at only 14$.  The 1960’s old lady fabric underneath freaked Ryan out and the thoughts of all sorts of possible cooties caused a good scrub, some Febreeze and 2 sheets to cover it prior to functional use.  In the bedroom the desk, solid wood, accented nicely with some paint stains and wood glue in the draws, graced our home at only 5$.  I throw the prices out there because the Goodwill has some good finds around here.  We figure when we move we’ll probably just donate them back and thus the turn around of goodness continues.

Lest you may still think the place is small we have a huge closet that tucks away the majority of our camping/climbing gear which is a fair accomplishment considering that it also fits our clothes, some yarn, jackets, a sewing machine and shoes.  But, if that doesn’t convince you, maybe this picture will:

Always enough room for shenanigans.  If you’ve seen the movie LIFE AQUATIC, all I’ve left to say is, “Save the bond stooge!”

We hope for you and yours new adventures, new shenanigans, happiness and health this 2010.  And always, no matter the size, our home is open.  So whether you give warning or not, we are happy to see you.

Hugs all around, Ryan and Va