We are moved in.  My mother-in-law put it quite well when she wrote, “Congrats on completing your latest temporary move.”  We don’t seem to settle for very long, do we?  It’s very conflicting for me.  Or, as Ryan well describes my conflict as a form of entertainment, “It’s fun to watch your inner-German struggle with your inner-gypsy.” Can there not be consistency in constant movement?  Can that not be a state one could settle into?  Can I not settle into that idea?

Whether or not I can is irrelevant as that is our current state of play.

Our frozen city is nice.  We are well situated to do a lot of different things once we jump the first hurdle…embracing the cold. Letting the cold become a playmate. Living 4 years in Kentucky apparently was enough to make me shiver-me-timbers at the thought of negative wind chills much less negative highs for the day.  I can only presume Ryan feels similarly. Hope is that we’ll do some cross-country skiing this winter.  Ryan may luck into more ice-climbing and in March there’s a winter camping trip in the works.  Think we’ll become cocoa buddies with the white fluff not made from horse hoofs and sugar?

Our new home is cozy. If I thought the kitchen in L’ville was small I was sorely mistaken.  However micro our oven is and even the fridge is downsized (though not to a European standard) I like the closeness within the kitchen confines.  ‘Course, I haven’t actually cooked more than boiling water in it so my feeling of coziness may turn to curses soon enough.  Comically, we will be moving more stuff into our storage unit (aka Annie’s basement) and bringing back a few things–little necessities like winter boots and a down comforter.  Hey!  I KNOW!  Don’t roll your eyes at me. I could have used a little foresight as I was packing up in August but alas, when it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit I looked at my winter boots and went, “Ugh!”

Another nice in home feature is the free work out we’ll get going up and down three flights of stairs every day.  If we’re feeling spunky we may even run up and down them, maybe with some training weights in back packs. It is weather controlled afterall.

Really, really, really, our new abode is lovely.  It’s a short commute to work and ideally located to a lot of things.  We’ll have internet post-Winter holidays so I’ll post photos then and you can tell me what you think of the kitchen.

Our holiday cards were mailed yesterday.  Some may (ehem, will) be mailed later as I ran out of stamps.  I would blame the lateness on the move but the timing is pretty classic for me.  Didn’t one year end up being a New Year’s newsletter?

If you are travelling this holiday, please buckle up and keep your eyes open as we will be doing too.  Hoping to see more of you in the new year to come.

Hugs and love,  Virginia and Ryan

PS  A little braggin’ coming right up.

My man’s graduated with his master’s and all his hard work paid off.  He’s a straight-A student!  I didn’t need a school to tell me that though, he’s been aces in my book for a long time.