Here’s what our home looked like about a month ago.

Yup, like livin’ in an old farm house.

The fall around here was spectacular!  It probably helped that we had the wettest October in a couple of decades but the payoff was worth it.

In our temporary homestead it’s all about the open communication with our other roommates.  This was taken to a whole other level once we put in the heat.  Here’s the view from the living room towards the living quarters of our roomies above:

Oh look, you can see the roomies too!

Fortunately we really do all get along quite well.  A trend that will hopefully continue for another week before Ryan and I move to the big city.  Our hunt was successful…finally.  It isn’t a glamorous catch but it fits our needs, our budget, the neighborhood is friendly and it thankfully creates a shorter commute for me.  Ryan’s almost done with school so he’ll only have to reverse commute once.  It is sad to see our time here coming to a close.  In reflection though that can be said for a lot of the adventures of our lives.  The next one should be just as good.

If you’ve been watching the weather related news you’ll know that it’s snowed a lot around these parts recently so I’ll close with a picture of Ryan and I.

Keep warm, drive safe. Hugs and love from us to you.