Hunting is a big part of living in the northern climes.  Many a co-worker has been exclaiming over the opening of hunting season and over the number of does/bucks they’ve added to their count.

We’ve gone hunting too only for a much more wiley opponent.  A place we’ll like to live in these crazy woods of steel and brick.  The last two days we went about and saw many a location we…would…not like to live in.  The one place that was a “woop!” became a “wallop” when we couldn’t sign for a shorter lease.

Ryan’s on a solo hunt today.  I’m staying at home because I’m coming up on my 7days on and I’d like one day of relaxation and catch-up before the week begins.

It’s working out well though.  I’m like the operator as the thousands of numbers we called the past 2 days start to catch up with us and am able to google map Ryan’s location giving him directions as clearly as any GPS car-installed systems could.  Recalling of course prior experiences with such installed devices screaming at us “Make a U-turn NOW!” when there’s a concret median to jump.  Er, it’s better than nothing and certainly better than trying to drive and read a map at the same time.

Don’t worry, our Momma’s out there, we’ll post pictures of our current home probably in the same next post as our new place.

Fingers crossed.  All we ask for is a little heat, a little place to park our cars, not to lose our bank account and to not be afraid for our lives when wecome home late at night.  A totally reasonable list, I should think.