Back in Canada we met Katie and Pete and their vanagon, VanGogh.  Katie is superb artist and Pete can make anything run, run well and run fast.  Take a gander as to the genesis of the name.

Taco and VanGogh were good buds.  They had many a fun time together finding the nicest of camping locations on the cheap in Squamish.

Meals were had, stories were shared, mosquitoes were avoided while cards were played and beers were appreciated.

In the last year Katie and Pete had a daughter.  Although I’m not yet so lucky and thus slightly ignorant on the subject lil’un apparently put a bit of a damper on long excursions. Money needing to be where it needs to be and knowing that any vanagon they ever get their hands on again Pete can make work they made the choice to sell the bus.

Oh the heartbreak Ryan and I felt as though we had lost a a chunk of memory or favorite place. This could not have been an easy decision on their part. Multiply our internal spasms by years of relationship building they invested in that bus and that’s a mere inkling of the vastness of heartbreak that needs to be over come to make a decision like that.

Yet, if all is right in the world, VanGogh is in a good new hands.  And playing his role in the universe of exploration and enjoyment.  You can’t cage such a beast.  I guess in some ways, liberating the VanGogh was like re-releasing him into the wild.  Run!  Run VanGogh!  Maybe you’ll enable the forging of new friendships in new wilds.  We will miss you but take heart hoping you are well out there.