I’ve had several posts running around and around in my head.  Making me slightly dizzy as a matter of fact.  So why aren’t I unloading upon you all these dizzying snippets into our crazy life?  I have no idea where the time goes.  Wasn’t yesterday the first day of summer?  Shouldn’t it have been?

Still, as ole J. Lennon says, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”  While I was PLANNING on writing fabulously funny stories on a Don Quiote scale we were busy adventuring.

My apologies, you guys deserve more attention.  Do you accept?  I hope so.  It has been reinforced lately, if it weren’t for all those wonderful people around our lives injecting good doses of creativity and inspiration I’d be a rather boring person.  Some people are intrinsically inspired, they have a little box in the middle-of-somewhere-body-cavity that just jolts them.  ZAP!  I, on the other hand, should have realized that if the best place for me to study is a coffee shop where the buzz of neurons firing off other’s brains helps to keep me focused, springing into life adventures only follow similarly.

Adverting becoming a wound down clockwork, the key has been cranked.  Success!

Expect stories.  Multiple stories.  Story telling is a little more fun than studying, for today at least.

To finish off this post here’s a “mandatory visitor-on-the-pier-shot” of the ever photogenic Steve and Jill.