Traffic to our little nomadic site has increase exponentially since our friends Steve and Jill had their moment in the spotlight on S&J, of “Off the grid and on the map”, are currently living out of a sa-weet refitted van and living the dream around the US, Mexico and Canada. Jealousy!
Check out their blog, seriously fun, jealousy inspiring and oh such great shenanigans.
So if you are here because of their site, welcome! RA and I lived that dream a while ago and are now onto different adventures. It’s tempting to go back though…very tempting. AND, with an impending S&J visit this Monday, who knows what idea juices will start flowing.

See S&J’s interview here.

PS S&J, I know you are going to leave the great home on wheels stateside as you go to NZ, Taco needs a friend. Just a thought.