You may recall that I made a veil.  The bride apparently liked it and no changes were made to it (darn it!).  I did learn though that I could have gone wider if I’m ever to make another one again.

The wedding was held in early August.  It, typical for August, was hot.  The setting was beautiful and the breeze kept the sweat away (and skeeters).

The first sighting of Mr/Ms Crank

The first sighting of Mr/Ms Crank

The whole shabang sparkled home-grown Amy craftiness.  Amy is the vun-der-girl who showed me how to knit and continues to inspire me with her ideas.  The ceremony itself was her own creation composed of reflection, a little philosophy and a lot of love.  Just as a good wedding ceremony should be.

The informal theme for the wedding was “Love Birds” and in that vein nearly 80 little suckers were hand sewn/stuffed/decorated about the reception hall.

A love bird watching over all the revelry.

A love bird watching over all the revelry.

Although Amy, Andy and Annie’s husband can take credit for the large majority of the love birds being sewn, stuffed and generally put together when crunch time knocked on the door all those involved in the wedding party lent a hand.  They made for a great souvenir and one currently hangs from my “the original cop radar” aka “the rear-view mirror” to remind me of good things when I get a little agro while driving.  Whether the goodness of WI drivers can take credit or the little bird for the decrease in my inner road angst I can’t really say but when I’m driving long distances solo I’m not so solo any more.

My other little contribution to the wedding was to put the cake together.  Stressful?  Just a little.  I mean, what if I effed it up?  You can’t rain on your best buds wedding.  I’m convinced that if the cake turned out to taste like crap or fall apart it would not only have haunted me for the rest of my cognitive life I think there are a few other protectors of all things Amy who would have found a way to make me disappear.  Fortunately the flavor combo Amy came up with–Lemon Poppy Seed cake and Strawberry Preserve matched with classic Buttercream frosting– was a dreamy dream come true.  The frosting maybe could have been smoother-silkier but the final construction with the fresh flowers really pulled it off.  Or, as I like to say, mother nature to the rescue.

Underneath all that sugary goodness lies the work of a couple nights chilling with Annie’s momma, some time spent with Papa Montgomery’s table saw + dowel rods, and very very very careful transportation.

The bride and groom took home some of the cake.  I don’t know if they froze any for the “tradition” of eating it in a year but hopefully it will hold up as good as our cake did.  Martine, if you are reading this, it still tasted pretty awesome and Ryan and I, although expecting something potentially with 6 legs and an attitude, were reminded of the sweetness of life and how lucky we are to have met.

A and A’s wedding really celebrated a lot of aspects of life that I appreciate.  Community, local resource appreciation (using local wine, food, flowers from a flower coop) and most of all the greatest gift to give — time.  Lots of time was given by friends and family of the bride and groom and in the end the joyous energy of Amy and Andy, their playful embrace of life, their thoughtfulness and their selflessness was evident in abundance.  An inescapable gift to carry home.

(This post was brought to you in part by the great lament of lack of craftiness in my world lately.  I think there is a sweater I’m supposed to be working on, a baby blanket or two and a quilt. Hmm.)

Until later, cheers to you and yours!

PS And in case it sounds callous, by “another” August wedding I’m just adding theirs to the wondrous month that holds my parent’s anniversary, my own and although short by a few days…nearly Annie’s too.