Beached like a whale.


Flipped like a turtle.

Either way, after our 20 mile bike ride today (and I was doing SO good) at the end of it all, right in front of our front door, I-can-nearly-taste-the-‘rehydration’-beer and in the blink of an eye… I fell.

Ryan says this means I’m actually trying now.  That man has some funny ideas.

Mom, if you are reading this, yes I fell to the same side and nearly on the same wrist as *cough*-many years ago when I was but a little girl to give you a visual.

For the rest of you readers who weren’t around for the incident that caused me to have a cast for 6 weeks here’s a better description.  Ryan and I have clipless pedals for our bikes.   Mine are pretty darn easy to clip in and out of although I don’t have a smooth transition yet.

The idea of the clipless is, I think, that you can pull and push through each pedal rotation maximizing your efficiency…no time wasted, more muscle-groups incorporated, etc.  Have I yet mentioned that your feet are anchored pretty good to those pedals?  To get out, you turn your ankle outward and POP, you are free.  Works every time but it does require the use of one or two brain cell in the pre-POP department.  As in, it is generally a good idea to POP out on the side that you are going to lean your weight towards.

At the end of one of my first longer rides, with the excitement of the wind in my face behind me I took one nano second to look towards the lake– THWAP.  I’m on my back.  My fall side foot has finally POP’d out and the sky is quite lovely from this view.

Fortunately I didn’t fall on my derailleurs, my tires are still true, and it looks all go for the next adventure!