That’s how brief the visit with the in-laws felt but it was oh-so-nice to get to visit.

Here’s a pic of the in-laws.

They came in on a Friday night after and epic-ly long drive from KY which left them saying, “Next time we are pricing out flights!”  When ever being given a drive time to this area a +/- 2 hours variance has to be included for construction, weather and accidents.  Doh.

Still that night we went out for the traditional Friday night fish fry, much tasty and a little non-traditional with the replacement of potato cakes by sweet potato fries.  Late night drinks and conversation on the front porch listening to the water and enjoying the view.

Next day we had 2 tours.  One of Ryan’s high ropes course and office and the other we went over to Lake Geneva and had a boat tour of the lake where a little history lesson of the origin of populating this area was given.  In the middle we stopped at the only house on the lake that has been fully restored and is now a museum for the State of WI.  Built in 1888 the Black Point Estate was lived in and cared for by the same family for 120 years before given to the state to be turned into a museum.  I highly recommend the tour of the house which was never remodeled from the inside so you can see the original paint AND the original FURNITURE!  Can I just interject, people were short 120 years ago…  the furniture though was gorgeous and I think the tour guide said of the “Victorian-inspired design”.  Interior pictures were not permitted else I’d be dazzling your eyes with the pic of a doll house bigger than some back yard dog houses and bed linens hand crochet, patched and embroidered.

Because of the nature of the neighborhood, to keep the peace amongst the neighbors the only entrance to Black Point is through a boat tour which required hundreds of stairs to be climbed.

Well built, I would recommend that they had a little bench or two along the way.  I know there were probably about 10 people on our tour, not including us, who would have appreciated that little respite.

The estate was worth it:

And before Ryan or Linda get fluxed at me for posting a picture of them not in their usual high-dollar modelling contract gloriousness, John got a grreeeaat one of me in a pose that is probably all too eye-sight familiar for everyone:

I am ready for my close up now.  those chairs were original to the house and construction.  That’s right, 120+ years old.  Wonder the stories they would tell?

On Sunday after a short good-bye they went back south.  To be continued….

Oh, and we were this close to getting John roped up and climbing.

Er, not really close at all.

Come back north dear relatives!  Bring the grand-babies.  Maybe when we have good snow and then those kiddos could really play in the fluffy white fun!