These are from a trip several several weeks ago.  There’s a little river that flows towards Lake Geneva that has class 1-2 rapids (Ie, ain’t that bad.).  It’s call White River and runs about 2 miles.  Ryan, as mentioned earlier, went kayaking with Big Dog and they saw all sorts of cool things.  BD was newly inspired to try something different on white water, canoeing it.

I know it took the 2 tall guys to get the canoe off the truck but I’m pretty sure it only had the one shorter (BD) guy to put it up there.  BD had floaties for his canoe.  To keep water out in case it flipped and to help it stay afloat if it flipped.

We can get these kayaks from the school at any time….more practice is in order!

I’ve never really gone kayaking before and the class 1-2 was good for me.  Apparently the water was higher and running faster than BD has ever seen it before to which he commented that he wouldn’t be surprised if someone swam (ie, flipped over).  To which I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was me as I had little experience.  I think I scared him a little because he was super cautious to warn me about what I was getting into just around the bend as we were paddling down the river.  On the other hand it was great for me, being a natural lover of teaching BD told me all sorts of things that are good to know for a novice kayaker.  What a strainer is, what to do if you can’t see around a bend (follow the slower water which is always … I can’t remember. LOL.), and to keep your hips loose while going over rapids.  That one makes sense because you don’t want to fight the side to side rocking of the boat and cause it to go further and thus cause yourself to swim.  Everyone survived that day and no one swam, fyi.

The kayaks are stored just outside Ryan’s front door.  You can see them in this pier picture.  My progression is almost complete on the pier from nothing to something.  Now I just need it full of people!

Turning to the left, this is the view one could see from his desk.

I’m really digging on the wooden one closest to shore.  Think the owner would notice if I “borrowed” it for a tour around the lake.  I’m pretty sure I could swim out to it.

Most people either have a little little boat to get themselves to their boat’s parking space but many rely on the pier’s shuttle service.  I’ve never seen it running but I’m told it exists.  That’s all I have for the Wisconsin eye candy at this moment.  More to come I’m sure after the move!