It’s been a big night. I’ve got the version 1.0 of Amy’s wedding cake cooling, and version 1.0 of her veil completed.

The rest of the cake will be constructed tomorrow. The veil will be mailed tomorrow to see if sizing and end result work to specs. I’m happy to tweak it (ah hem, Amy if you are reading this!). It was actually quite fun to make and only took the length of one movie. Pictures tomorrow but in the short it’s just a “raw” edge veil, cathedral length. I don’t think it would take much to add ribbon or pearl seed edging. Just a little time, maybe a six-pack of beer.

Additionally my voice is nearly gone and I’m quite phlegmy. Baking a cake with a face mask on and washing my hand almost neurotically may just still make the cake all mine to eat. (Excuse or saving humanity… you tell me.)

So, wedding date is for 8.1.9. I’ve got a little time to iron out any needed modifications. Not my usual procrastination standard but close.