I went to the wedding of a high school friend of mine this weekend past.  I hadn’t seen her in over 5 years at least.  But some friendships work that way and work well.

It was a beautiful wedding held a the top of a building nicknamed “The Shopping Bag” outside of DC.  It is the shopping bag because of it’s shaping.

The wedding was held on the top floor, center, between the handles, under a glass ceiling with the sky behind the bride and groom.  The reception was in a room off to one of the wings with a wrap around balcony that provided a good view and when clear you could even see parts of DC proper.  It was beautiful.

I got asked a lot where I came from.  Now, I took this to mean where do I live but if you take it at face value (and I am one of the “literal people”) I’d have to be honest and say that I flew out of Milwaukee.  Yeah, it worked in my mind.  Drive to William’s Bay get 1 day with hubby, fly to DC where all my friends were mysteriously out of town (lol, I really did shower, I swear!), fly back to Milwuakee and get 2 more days with the hubby.  The plane ticket was actually quite affordable.

Don’t be surprised by what I next reveal…I forgot my camera.  So no amazing photos of the wedding.  No fun photos of me walking 14 blocks in the wrong direction to make it to the Smithsonian.  Lost in China town but prior to that was given faulty directions and a map by a helpful (and cool idea, DC! kuddos) DC free information person.  It’s not his fault we got turned around and I really do know how to read a map.  I just didn’t bother opening it until I saw the classic-iconic Chinese bearded man smoking a cigarette on his front stoop and thought to myself that surely the city blocks weren’t that long.

Yeah, funnier still, I got off at the metro.  Couldn’t read their map at all and it turns out I was only a block and a half away from the Smithsonian at my starting point.  Big score, extra exersize.  Big lose, only saw the Smithsonian (which was awesome, fyi and totally worth it) but missed out on the Holocaust museum or the Newseum.  Another road trip is due for certain.  But maybe I should practice orienteering first.

Have I mentioned I think Ryan’s pretty great?  When he picked me up from the airport, not only had he put gas in my car but he had asked his boss for a recommendation of a good local beer joint to go to.  *Gasp* I know, he looked for someplace new to try!  Eric-the-great didn’t disappoint and we went to Cafe Centraal.  Specializes in beers micro brewed in the US and Belgium, with a particular fancy to the Belgian style brewing methods it had great atmospher and a great beer selection.  It was quite slow on a Monday night and our waiter was rewarded for discussing beer for 45 minutes with us, besides learning that people from KY are highly entertaining.  Ryan may prefer a German-styled beer but we’d definitely go back.

Our time apart has it’s days numbered.  I have 12 more shifts at the hospital here and then I’ll start work up there.  So, Aug 3rd, here we come!

In between now and then we have a visit with his parents in Williams Bay to look forward to and my great-gal Amy is getting married!  Lots to do. Little time to do it.  I love it!