How long does one have to live in Wisconsin before one is allowed to proudly wear one of these:

2 days?  6 months?  54 years?

Is there a proper jaunty angle or tilt to the cheese head hat?  Is there a ritual chant to be said prior to putting on?  After use is it mandatory to febreeze the thing or just chuck it any ole place?  These are burning questions, people!

(Note the original caveat of ‘proudly’.  It is quite possible to wear one but can you keep a straight face?  Apparently the inventor couldn’t.)

I’ve got a start date for working in Wisconsin.  August 3rd!  I wish it were sooner but maybe that is just my impatience.  I’m quite excited to try a new challenge and continue to explore a new place (and most of all see my hubby on a day to day basis in 3-D). If you know any places in Milwaukee that you think are worth seeing let me know!  We’ll definitely be hitting up the brew house, Lakefront Brewery, again.  Beer. Fish fry. Polka band.  Need anyone say more?