Hmmm.  We do love pseudo-Thai food.

Phew…My hands love few dishes required cooking.

Thus the world’s easiest peanut sauce to which I can’t claim full credit.  After some time on the internet looking up different recipes for peanut sauces I blended what seems to be the base line for a peanut sauce.

Are you ready?  Drum roll…

Equal parts 1. natural peanut butter (mixes better than processed), 2. soy sauce, 3. honey and 4. an acid.  I’ve tested both lemon juice and white vinegar and both taste great.

I mix the sauce in a microwavable bowl as a 30 second stint in the nuker will make it easier to stir.

That’s it.  Hard, huh?  If you like a little kick crushed red chillis or cayenne pepper to taste.  When I’m feeling spunky I’ll add minced/crushed/dehydrated (you get my drift) garlic to the bowl as well.

For the two of us I start with about 2-3 T of each ingredient.  Sometimes a little less on the honey or soy sauce dependent on my mood.  One time I ran out of honey and used regular table sugar.  To thin it out I’ll add water if I think I’m going to store extra for a while or milk if I’m serving it up immediately.  It’s quite a flexible recipe.

Want to try it out but aren’t sure what to mix it with?  Small disclaimer to my mother, this is zen cooking at it’s finest.  Everything is sort of ‘however you want it to be’, I’m just providing the back bones. This dish is something tasty, sort of stir-fryish and Ryan approved. (makes for 2)

Broccoli, half a head cut into edible-sized pieces

Eggplant, medium sized, cubed into edible-sized pieces, use as much as you’d like to eat

Garlic, 2 cloves

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil for the pan (1-2 T)

Peanut sauce, cut with water to desired thick/thinness

Rice noodles (regular spagetti will work too but rice is so nice and quick to boil)

1. In a pan on medium heat spray with olive oil or pour oil in.  Add garlic and eggplant.  Salt and pepper the eggplant. After the eggplant has started to soften (about 3-5 minutes) add the broccoli and cook until broccoli is desired tender/crunchiness.  Or until the noodles are done (see step 2).  Don’t forget to stir the veggies around or they might get crispy.

2. Boil water and prepare noodles according to package.  Can occur while you are cooking up the eggplant if the noodles require more time than <5 minute rice noodles do.

3. When noodles are done drain and return to pot.  Add vegetables and peanut sauce, stir and serve.

I’m obviously no food expert as evident by my fly-by-the-seat-of-your-apron instructions.  Have fun with it.  Additions that might be tasty too–chopped green onions, peanuts, chopped/minced white or red onion (added to step 1 with the garlic).

Dish total:

1 bowl for peanut sauce

1 pan for frying

1 pot for boiling water

1 cutting board

1 knife.

A fork to mix the peanut sauce.

Wooden spoon to stir the veggies and serve with.

It’s not quite one pot cooking but it’s no massive squad required to clean up after.

Questions, comments?  Most of you know how to get ahold of me.  Let me know if you enjoyed it.