Before you even ask, Ryan is loving graduate school, thank you very much. I am loving that Ryan is loving graduate school. There are all sorts of new adventures for Ryan, the time to embrace them and people who are crazy enthusiastic enough to go along with them. (Who am I kidding, I’d probably join in on a lot of them…maybe not ice climbing but that’s just one.)

Most recently Ryan went kayaking with his boss Big Dog (that’s not a joke, that’s really what he goes by and has gone by for years). In Wausau, WI there is a river that has been dammed and during certain days of the year the city or whomever controls the dam opens up the water and lets it run! Kayaking enthusiasts in the area have developed part of the river so that there are varying levels of rapids to run and play in. As this was Ryan’s first time trying Big Dog and he didn’t run the full course. Apparently the 6 ft drop does require a little fineness. …sidethought… Maybe they do think about things like safety afterall. …end sidethought…

On the day that Big Dog and Ryan smacked the water it was about 50ish degrees outside and the water was warmer than the air. Soaked and tired, resting on the bank amongst other paddlers, one man turns to Ryan and asks him, “Is this your first time?” Ryan replies in the affirmative and the man responds, “Well, you’ve got the biggest smile on your face. It’s cold out and you are smiling. I think it is safe to say you’ll take to kayaking.”

Later on Ryan is recounting his adventures of the day with me (shhhh, one of which included HIM falling ASLEEP in the car on the way back…that’s normally my job, fyi, because Ryan can’t sleep in cars) and voiced the question, “Why didn’t I get into all these expensive fun activities when I had a job?”

Tactfully I bit my tongue.