Ryan has left to return to his summer work in WI. Bummer. So we did our usual favorite-est thing in Louisville–pitchers and pizza at Za’s.

It may come as a shock to you but Ryan tends to be a little bit predictable. Same breakfast every morning, likes to eat at the same restaurants and usually always orders the same thing (it falls on me to ferret out new dishes). So when we walked in, despite the long absence his move has created the waitress knew we would know what we wanted.

“Pitcher of the porter, please.” And when she came back with the beer our brows furrowed…something just wasn’t right. A pour and a taste later and we KNEW something wasn’t right. The beer, poor poor undrinkable beer, was flat.

When the waitress came back we told her of the problem. And she quickly went and got the keg swapped out and a new keg in and a new pitcher to us. One of their coolers busted, she told us, and she had been getting complaints on the beer all the night before. They didn’t fix the issue until we came in because, as she put it, “You guys would know what the Porter is supposed to taste like.”

Yowsers. That’s funny.