In the spirit of growth and change that comes with a possible move I felt a need to rename the blog.

Traveling Lightly is something we will continue to do as our life together so far has been a honeymoon (even before the marriage, hello 10 month road trip) but let’s face it, I’m a pack rat. I don’t know if the literal interpretation of those words can be applied.

There were thoughts. In part I wanted to work off of “TACO” as it’s in the web address. Crazy titles came to mind like “Trans American Conversational Observations”. Yeah, a MOUTHful! Or “Tea And Coffee Observations”. Ryan drinks the Tea and I the Coffee…but of course, Ryan never posts here and really that sounds more like an esoteric I’m-sitting-in-a-cafe-brooding sort of title or a way-over-caffeinated-stay-at-home-mom of which I’m neither. Over caffeinated but not a mom. Then when I thought things couldn’t get worse: “Two Awake, Can’t Object” which sound just plain stupid. Who the heck do I think we are?

A title is meant to give an idea of the essence of the blog and is perhaps given unfair importance. How many books have you read where the title was a little off putting but the interior was amazing(!) or the title sparked your interest and there were no bones to back it up? Currently I’m really diggin’ on the by-line “RA and VA navigate”. Can you have a nameless blog with just a by-line? Wouldn’t that just make the by-line the name? Oofta.

If/when I do rename the blog I’m hoping to break it down simple. Something easy to remember, meaningful to us/y’all, a little clever if I can manage that, humor wouldn’t hurt and preferably short (short though is relative). If you come up with something, shoot me the idea…I’m open to suggestions.

In the spirit of keeping everyone up to date, we spent mother’s day with Ryan’s momma. It was nice just eating pizza and watching the kids play. I think Ryan’s momma was quite happy with having all her kids and grandkids under one roof. On the ride home I got a chance to talk with my momma just seconds after she got off the phone with my brother. Our timing, as ever between twins, is questionable but perfect. Both families are doing well. Now onto a hunt for a cake recipe. I’m baking a friend’s wedding cake and decorating it. Better not save the practice trial for the actual event, eh?!

Hope you and yours are well.
Hugs, VA