For lack of posting I’m resolute to publish something today, before work. A lot has jumbled around my mind as musings and potentially entertaining stories. After all, a lot has happened recently:

1. A few weeks ago I went to a Quaker wedding to watch two good friends renew their wedding vows from 10 years ago. I don’t know if it was age or wisdom or just my increasing appreciation for the joyous moments in life that are accomplished seemingly so effortlessly but occur because of a good deal of hard work and luck (my work is making me a bit sanguine, sorry) but I cried this time and was unable to complete my toast. It was a very poignant ceremony reflective of the amazing persons involved.

2. Attended a bridal shower for a good friend. Knitted her a bunch of dishrags (Speaking of which, in the last 2 months or so I’ve knitted about 28 or so and only have 4 to claim for myself, yowsers.) and presented her with the stitch markers. Thankfully, although she did see them on this site, she had no idea they were for her. It was wonderful seeing her again. One day I hope to visit her in Vermont.

3. There was a brief jaunt up to WI to visit that curly haired handsome man of mine. The lake is thawed and taking a walk along it’s path it feels as though the lake is changing its wardrobe. Out goes the winter whites of ice and snow and in comes the summer whites of piers and birds and flowers.

For a brief period the lake ran about naked. No ice, no piers, no fishing huts and very few boaters. However residents are now all about enjoying the recreational opportunities about the water. It will be interesting to see recreational activity which is simmering underneath the surface like a child’s enthusiasm before a big wrapped present come exploding forth. I wonder how much of a change there will be with the next visit.

4. In an effort to not kill off another plant I tried to repot the jade forest we had. Here’s a picture from it’s heyday.

Well, confined life, crowding and no room for roots to grow was puckering the poor thing out. So I repotted. However, I may have been too late, for this is the only current survivor of that endevour.

Yeah, a little stalk rot occurred and wrecked havoc. A light remains though, although the plants drooped and then rotted away, the jade is remarkably stubborn and resilient. I took the good green tips and just laid them on fresh dirt. With a little patience (or grand ability to just forget about them) roots are starting to appear and work their way into the earth under their feet. Just look at the little guy at high noon.

Here look closer!

Go little guys, go!

5. I’ve applied for a job in Milwaukee. I’m blaming Ryan of course. He’s just not really digging this separation thingy we have going. I’m not at all noticing a decrease in my tolerance/patience level or slight mopey-ness at his absence. Cross your fingers for me. The hospital and unit look to be super cool with lots of new gadgets to learn about.

6. Related to 5 we are putting the condo on the market. (With our usual great timing of course, this is so a hopping market.) Given the lead time and some new awareness of how much effort goes into moving, I’ve started to go through things and pack up. This has also resulted in several trips to the Goodwill. Maybe in the future we’ll do a yard sale, but for this move, there is just a little culling of accumulated things. Decluttering and what not. Or is it just rearranging it when most of it has gone/will go back into dearest Annie’s basement awaiting our next “permanent” location. We have been here in L’ville for two whole years. That’s a crazy amount of stagnancy for us.

Well, it looks like my time is up. Nearly time to go to work. Hope you and yours are well. Hugs and love, VA