I awoke after sleeping the day away 2 hours before my alarms was to raise it’s sirens call because my feet were friggin’ freezing. What? Wait? Wasn’t it just around 70 degree something like yesterday?

I guess we are into another little cold snap. I could probably know how long it was going to last but that would require looking at a weather site and I just don’t know if I can handle it. There are still 3 more nights in this run so I won’t see much of the world anyway. It would let me know if I could turn the heat back off. Ugh. I broke down and turned the heat on. Won’t send me back to sleep though. This even after being 100% energy off during earth hour. Computer unplugged, lights off. Well, I didn’t unplug the refrigerator and I forgot about the microwave! Blast! But aside from that (dang it) every other plug in the house was undone.

In honor of it being cold I shall post a cold weather picture. I had a whole production line of photos but in the spirit of spring cleaning I shall post only one photo.

Hmmm, fresh baked apple pie. Do I have time to bake a pie now I wonder?

In Ryan’s world, there is a huge outdoor conference going on on his campus. He actually had to work a 12 hour shift one day. The poor man! As far as I can tell, he is still surviving. I’m heading up that way on Wednesday. Thawed lake and everything. Wonder if we’ll now have to start swimming in the lake? Isn’t it still too cold?