In fact I’m told that I “Crack like and egg” so why should I try to go against my nature.

I was going to have a “secret” project but I’m just too happy with how the experiment turned out I’m going to post it here already. The recipient doesn’t know they are expecting a gift so perhaps the suspense will last a while longer.

These are knitting stitch markers that I made all by my lonesome. Evidence of the dangers of tooling around craft stores. You say to yourself, “ooooh, I’ve always wanted to make one of those,” and that the sale really is “too good” to pass by.

I made them two by two by one because the one could be the marker of the start of the round. (It isn’t always so obvious.) And the other two different because there might be a pattern that needs to be broken up within. Cabling does that.

So, next is to make myself some. I wonder if I could make enough to sell some to my local yarn store just to cover the initial $20 investment in “stuff”.

Wish me luck. Hope you and yours are well.
Love, VA