Okay, I hope you got a laugh out of that title. Because that would mean that you recognize that I’m the only one left around here to do the cleaning and the concept of me cleaning is just snot-out-of-the-nose snorting funny.

I do clean. But my expertise is more in tidying up and organizing. Or so I like to think. I cringe at doing floors and have yet to master dusting. The rooms that stay the cleanest I find are those that are the smallest. The bathroom, the bedroom and the kitchen. It isn’t as though the larger rooms have that much more in them. In many ways there is less to clean but they just don’t really ever become a priority.

But spring is on it’s way to KY, even if in WI they are predicting still one more snowfall that’ll make things ski worthy. New site look, the winter comforter put away and our wedding quilt is back on the bed. Bring it on!

I could have made an even funnier subject line by saying I’ve become the budget maker in the household. Yet this almost happened. The budget buster almost became the budget maker. Shudder at the thought, although it might help the economy out.

In a Twilight Zone episode yesterday Ryan called me and asked me if he could buy a road bike and how much money he could have to spend on one. I sincerely had to ask him to repeat the question because he was asking me if we could afford the procurement. I think I started to stutter and laugh a little hysterically at that point. Ryan recognizes he is strong in all accounts of not spending money except in one leeetle area…gear. The gear store to him is the hardware store for the suburban male. I’ve learned one thing…don’t let him inside.

So crunching around and a few panic attacks later we came up with a reasonable figure. A few cut backs here, a nip/tuck there in the budget and he should be browsing through last years models in the next few weeks. He did promise me he would wear a helmet.

Is the world still spinning in the same direction on it’s axis?

In other news, here are a few pictures of his hat in progress. It’s double knit for double the warmth. Basically you knit two hats at once by knitting one row of each layer at a time. I could say more but who really wants to hear that? Here are some pretty pretty pictures.

I hope you and yours are well.