Don’t mind me if I’m grumpy for the next few days. At least this time I didn’t cry after he was gone.

Another Spring Break has come and gone and the blue ribbon award for positive accomplishments goes yet again to my most fabulous curly haired husband who has once again saved me from the agonizing paperwork, confusing directions (surely written by a bunch of monkeys with keyboards working towards writing MacBeth) and fear of audit retribution that would be ALL-MY-FAULT. That’s right, it pays to marry a former accountant, free tax work done for the rest of your life. Big sigh, bigger round of applause.

Now, he may not have considered it the best way to spend a break from school but as a reward he did then get his sugar momma to pay for his hair cut. He probably would have been fine with a supercut or whatever but as we wanted to keep the curls I thought maybe just once we’d let a professional do it. What I didn’t warn him about was the 5 minute head massage and aromatherapy session you get before your hair cut. Ryan felt oh-so awkward until he realized it was all part of the plan and then he nearly fell asleep.

The only thing that ended up not working out was a visit with the family folks. And if you refer back to the title of this post it’ll make more sense when I mention that I just found a comment my momma made to an earlier post. Really, the whole week was sort of a blur. He was here and now he’s not. I don’t even have any pictures capturing the experience.

And to top it all off, Ryan’s school hat, the hey-your-moving-to-really-cold-climes-at-the-start-of-their-winter hat still isn’t finished. I had to rip the thing back 4 inches because I either don’t know how to do math or I don’t know how big to make a hat. GARR! It should be done right in time for summer. Or next winter.