Hope the title shies away those not interested in knitting. If it didn’t and you are still here this is your last warning to exit to another more interesting site because even if you aren’t interested in knitting but you like to see “crafty” things this FO is not a shinning star. My instincts warned me and I didn’t listen.

This is the Scaruffle from THE KNITTER’S BOOK OF YARN. In the book it looks much more amazing. Drapey, just the right amount of loopiness and openness for something I would wear. My scaruffle turned out a little tight and the ruffles overwhelmed me–think clown collar. But it works on a smaller frame, maybe a young girl? A coworker of mine saw it as a work-in-progress and told me that it looked like a ‘dead animal’. Ironically she is now wearing the finished product proudly and actually stole it from her daughter whom I thought might like to wear it.

Why should I have listened to my instinct? Weeelllllll. I’m still a new knitter. I make mistakes all the time and I’m still learning new things about knitting all the time. Maybe, if that is my defining line, I’ll always be a new knitter and that’s okay by me.

I didn’t have the pattern recommended needle size but as the pattern gives no gauge and says that the needle size is only a recommendation I thought that since I had a needle size just a taaaaddd bit smaller it would all be okay. A smaller needles size, for those who read this because they love me and not because they are into knitting (Hi Mom and Dad!), the diameter of the needle is smaller and thus the produced loops are smaller and more tightly ‘woven’ together. My gut was telling me to double wrap while knitting but I didn’t listen. If I had double wrapped and dropped the second loop on the next round I would have basically doubled the circumference of the holes and created a lighter fabric. But noooooooo, I didn’t listen. The pattern says it didn’t matter and I listened to the pattern. Oh silly VA!

It isn’t a bad scaruffle. Don’t get me wrong, it just doesn’t fit my MO and the new recipient loves it. So the knitting karma basket is a little fuller, I think, and a non-knitter learned not to insult a work in progress because you just never know what it is really going to end up looking like.