Me, as a baker.

This is my second cheesecake.
And although it is tasty in the center I have some hypotheses as to why it was a failure.
1. Too much air in the batter.
2. Milk was an unnecessary ingredient.
3. Baked too high up in the oven.

I even followed the recipe to the T, special instructions and everything. Maybe that’s what went wrong. My trademark style, Zen cooking was not involved in the process. A reflection period on whether or not it felt “right” while making might be due. LOL.

The cheese cake reminds me of our jaunt across William’s Bay, that frozen watery terror. It’s all about the cracks.

Ryan has since assured me that the ice was 24 inches thick in most places despite having cracks that appeared to be 3 inches thick in a lot of places (whatever most means, that isn’t going to help much if right in the center it is only 1 inch and I plunge right through…I’m so optimistic!).

Ryan showed no fear and strutted forward boldly. As the ice had been there a while and the snow had not freshly fallen there were plenty of opportunities to view the ice uncovered. It isn’t smooth across the surface. It undulates, rams into itself and pushes itself up (like a mini lesson in plate tectonics). When we went for our ‘winter sports day’ weeks later the ice would be covered in several inches of snow and it was much easier to convince myself that I was really just walking across a field, not a lake. We were also armed with better knowledge about the reliability or not of the ice. But this first jaunt was finished with seeing this sign (so NOT inspiring).

But we made it there and back again. Safely. To do the walk there and back again, again.