Ryan’s been in school for about a month now and he is living it up. He tells me that his diet consists of PBR and cookie dough when I’m not around, but when I last glimpsed into his fridge there was a healthy amount of green leafy things in there and a bunch of bananas on top so I’m perhaps there is more to the story.

Here’s Ryan’s abode, aka my vacation home.

The drive up was uneventful. The unpacking of the car was uneventful. My credit card melted from overuse as we got him situated. Really, the little things add up, which in a larger perspective is a good reminder. The little ways we decide to interact with each other build up our relations more than big blow out experiences. (Making random puedo-life coach philosophy statements eases the burnt smell of plastic out of my nose.)

Lots of great little things happened and were discovered. The day after our arrival and the days following greeted us with a big, “Hi Ya Southerners! You’re in the North now.” Here’s a little picture of what I mean.

Now you may argue that the snow there was just piled up but they have these crazy machines that scoop up the snow from the sidewalk and belch them in a huge arch to land in piles feet and feet away. Here’s proof:

The snow and freezing temperatures create a lovely view out of his front door.

His walk to school might be a bit much.

And it makes it treacherous to find an out door place to eat.

But phenomenal alternatives have been found.

Come on! You who know us, did you really think we wouldn’t hunt down the best local pizza around. The Original Chicago Pizza, in Lake Geneva, WI, or just around the other side of the lake is a world recognized, little 10 top table joint, with although a sadly small beer selection has at least one on tap and in pitchers that made us happy.

I’m sure the locals find us rather provincial or funny. The amount of snow and the freezing temperatures kept our eyes popped out of our head. Being total tourists I feel like I snapped a lot of pictures. Being amateurs a lot of those were unusable. We took time to play in the snow a bit…

and a lot of time to ogle at the locals. We were amazed by how people were totally comfortable with driving their cars out onto the lakes and dropping holes into the ice to fish. Whole villages of tents sprang up on the lake far enough out that bait businesses cart shelter out there to peddle their wares.

I’m told these huts can be outfitted with heaters, microwaves, t.v.’s and all sort of luxuries. How you determine you aren’t going to melt yourself through the ice I don’t know but I suspect that with day time highs of only in the teens you might be safe?

As you know, in my second visit Ryan took me trekking across the lake. Terrifying! Never mind logic and Ryan saying, “Look there are other people walking across the lake.” That should have been reassuring but I obstinately retorted with, “They could be ignorant tourists like us too.” Never mind logic when you see full sized trucks and minivans parked decently towards the middle of the lake either, we could just be the straw that would crack the surface. I’m waiting for the zamboni to clear off a rink and maybe then I’ll consider.

This sadly short and truncated report is all I have time to jot down. When I’m not vacationing in WI it seems I’m working, working, working. Someone has to pay for the PBR and cookie dough.

Cheers to all.
VA and RA