First day of school! He’s still in class. I can’t believe that they would have held him for the full time but then again he may have been dragging his feet in coming home since I’ve had my nose in a book all day. I have joined that unsavory cult of people obsessed with the TWILIGHT series. 3 days, 3 books. I’m that sick (or on vacation, however you like to look at it). On another note, now that I do not have the 4th and final book in hand I’ve freed my mind and energy to pursue other avenues of work, like sifting through the 278 comments for moderation on the hope that one might be from somebody we know and not some spam bot trying to sell us things or show me images I don’t want to see. (Trust me, as a burn nurse I’ve seen plenty of gruesome things and I don’t need any more.) Argh!

Other things I’ve done. I’ve finally caught up in on the scoreboard for game 7 of 999 in Scrabble. You have to give me a few props. Ryan came out of the gate using all 7 of his letters. Granted, they were mostly 1 pointers but first move gets doubled AND since he used all 7 he got an extra 50. I was 66 in the hole before it all got started. Never losing my nerve I finally struck and with 4 little letters, so magically placed I got 58 points and am hot on the trail to recover my margin in the battle of ours. I KNOW! It’s more exciting than UK making the final 4 against my alma mater MU! (Is that even possible in the realm of college basketball?)

I’m also working on a new hat for Ryan. (It is nice to have one’s knitted efforts appreciated and used, no matter if I’m still making them a little ill-fitted to his head.) This one is like knitting 2 hats at once and although the yarn is this super soft alpaca that should be super warm, I’m having trouble figuring how to manage all those stitches with the limited arsenal I have here. The cast on is 164 and that’s just for a hat on size 10 1/2 needles. In other words, it’s large and unwieldy and I’m stuck between using 5 double points or trying a magic loop method on my 32 inch circulars which are very stiff from being, well, brand new.

I’m anxious to hear how the class has gone. Ryan’s final words were, “I’m off to class, for the first time since 1995!” He did say it with enthusiasm so his heart is in the right place. Maybe he’s in a very academic debate with his prof right now and that’s why he’s not home. Even though it is ten after nine.

Well, a true photo onslaught will be due when I get back to my own computer. Although Ryan has managed some magic to communicate the camera to the printer to the computer to retrieve the photos off the memory card, that post is going to require some thought and planning and Ryan might need this computer tomorrow, I’m still on vacation and more excuses inserted here.

To hold you off until then, here’s one of us to prove that we (actually it just proves Ryan but that’s beside the point, I follow that boy everywhere) both walked out onto a frozen lake.