Well, this is officially Ryan’s first night of living outside of KY. There was the whole year we lived on the road but Taco always felt a little like he carried KY with him and since our mail addy stayed in KY this is a change for the Ryan because he now has a WI snail mail address. (Which you can get if you just email me.)

The room he has is big enough. Here’s a picture to go along with your verbal tour:
ryan's new pad aka va's vacation spot

I should probably call it simply Ryan’s new pad but I think of it as AKA VA’s vacation spot. I took the photo with Photobooth which doesn’t provide the best of quality. I’ll have other camera pics but without my cable I can’t get them off the dang thing and thus those will have to wait until next week. We are in one corner of the room and you can see his front door. Where the jackets are is the only “closet” and only sink AND our manufactured kitchenette. Tomorrow we’ll head into the nearby town and fill out the room with things that serve as storage. In our short period here I have noticed the walls are prolly thinner than our 70 y/o condo but you can’t beat a lake front view. Even with lake being a sheet of ice and a treacherous ice patch on the path.

Overall I rate this room with a big “Wahoo!” For less than 10$ a day, this isn’t too bad. 🙂

In related news, you can feel that Ryan is starting to feel more real about restarting school. His excitement is vibrating off all those gorgeous curls. The campus tour is this Saturday. Although this will be our second, as an “official” tour we may see more of the other campus spots versus just what was germane to his program.

Okay, more shuffling of stuff to be done and more lists to be made.
( The drive was about 7 hours and even with being slowed down with slushy icy conditions it wasn’t too bad. With books on tape I think I’ll be able to cruise it on my own.)

Cheers! VA and Ryan