In less than 48 hrs we will be on the road to WI. The weather here has been over cast, cool and a little rainy. I think that the whole region is prepping in the sadness that our temporary separation is going to bring us. Alas!

We don’t really even know what the living conditions are going to be. All we really know is that he is going to a furnished one room lake front view. But which lake front view could it be. We thought to check out the campus map and think it’ll be in lucky building number 9. The only question is which lucky building number 9? There are three on this map!

Surely none of them will suck.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “How to go back to college in your mid 30s” with your hosts, VA and RA. Narration by VA. Funding by you, our listening public. Thank you.