I think kryptonite was sprinkled on our pizza tonight because my normal superhero power of being able to sleep anywhere at anytime is failing me, miserably, tonight. There is something to be said for watching the clock and saying to yourself, “VA when the numbers are 3:21 you will fall asleep.” Only to have that fail and you repeat the experiment with, “VA when the numbers are 4:56 you WILL fall asleep.” When that too fails you find yourself doing a couple of things:

1) you tell yourself that your numbers game with the clock was obviously silly because the darn thing didn’t work;
2) getting out of bed and writing down that knitting idea you’ve had in head into your journal because even though you’ve been thinking about it for 5 hours doesn’t mean you’ll remember it when you do finally sleep and wake up again;
3) getting on line and attempting to write a coherent blog post.

As an aside, remember that coherency is only an attempt and all tangents are admissible under the reason of insanity, our friend who hosts our blog updated wordpress on his server and so hopefully some of the spammy links won’t show on the rss feed. I know it has been updated because I’m looking at a different interface as we speak.

Above, random cactus picture from Indian Creek. Will I be this prickly in the a.m.? Who knows!

I did not make any New Years resolutions this year. I didn’t make any last year and that year turned out alright for me. This decision was reinforced for me as I rang in the new year at work (sparkling grape juice is nearly as good as authentic champagne…well, you gotta tell yourself that at least) and saw 2 co-workers break their resolutions within the first 10 minutes of the new year and then drat themselves for the next 7 hours. I’ve got enough angst in my life I don’t need to add more.

Those resolutions I do have I’ve come to think of like my budget accounting. There are surpluses and deficits week to week and so you can debit or credit the next week with what was remaining, or not, from the prior. Overall an even course is maintained and angst is kept at bay.

To this effect though I thought I’d like to start a list of things I’d like to do in my life time.
1. Get something published. That’s right, just “something”. Be it a letter to the editor, a knitting pattern, a poem, a recipe or a picture I think it would be super-duper neato to have my name in print.
2. Work in a foreign country. Be it for pay or volunteering, more time spent abroad can only be a good thing.
3. Become okay with my body image. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself but I’m too hyper critical. I learned this when for the umpteenth time in my life I looked back at pictures and thought to myself, “Gee I was so skinny then.” But recall that at the time I did not see myself in any way shape or form as skinny. So, obviously I’m not a good judge of myself. I do find myself feeling better when I exercise regardless of how my body is then shaped. Endorphins make people happy.
4. Knit my brother Corey a hat that he’ll really really like.
5. Volunteer more time locally. I used to volunteer a lot more in college round one but have not done much since then. I’m sure there is a soup kitchen that could use my dishing out experience or a habitat house that needs painting.
6. Write more letters that get mailed. Anymore they are like presents! And, there is something tangibly fabulous about holdings something another person spent the time to write (however legibly or not their handwriting is) spelling errors and all.
7. Finish my “first quilt” that was started 10 years ago, meant to be a wedding present to friends who now have 2 kids and a mortgage. LOL.

Seven is a good number to start with. I think I’ll stick with those seven.

Well, it is 5:44. Maybe now I’ll fall asleep. Doh!