…some one else had a way worse last night than I did.

Ryan and I picked the worst time to drive from Lville to Otown. What normally takes 2 ish hours ended as a 7 hour ordeal. The icy conditions left Kentuckian drivers bewildered. 3 highways were at standsills. Not one, not even two but THREE major interstate highways were shut down, two at least in both directions. You know, when it is freezing and raining that usually means ice and slush. That also means to slow the frick down, don’t tail gate … aka be prudent.
Alas, not so much.

Still, my best travel buddy and I survived the night. My cell phone battery called it quits with all the travel tech calls to home and I am definitely getting a road atlas for Hilde. (That really should never have been in question, I know.)

Now we are safe and warm and cozy in Otown. The tree has been decorated, holiday baked good distributed. Surprise visitors visited and good cheer abounds. And even if Ryan didn’t enjoy the orangettes or grapefruitettes my Dad, Mom and Twin like them so that means I’ll try to research and tweak the recipe to improve it for next year. (Never fear, the bourbon balls still meet to great success.)

Pictures when I get to my home computer.

Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe and if you are into it, hug everyone you love!


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