Alright, so the storm that is hitting apparently everyone in the US is hitting KY too.

Normally the slightest hint of snow or sleeting rain from the sky sends mid-KY into grid lock from crazy drivers and accidents.  I attribute it to the lack of practice driving in inclement weather.  (However, even just a good rain storm causes havoc.)

But this morning of all mornings things went smoothly.

Why was I out driving in the muck.  Well, Ryan’s outta town for the week so I took the opportunity to watch friends play indoor soccer (the photos of which were blurry through a mesh net and all around not exciting) and ended up spending the night in Lexington because it was pounding out freezing rain and it was dark and well, read paragraph 2 again if needed.  Not that that was necessarily the better decision since Lexington in the am, although light and with good visibility, was under 4 inches of snow and more was coming down.  Eventhough it took me 2+ hours to get home, I was impressed with KY drivers and although I did see a few poor souls off the side of the road and nearly got ran over by a semi, on the whole people were driving calmly, rational and safely!

*oh sigh my happy heart*

Additionally I got to take Hilde, my station wagon, (I know, I’m awesome– I drive a station wagon!) for a ride in less the prime conditions and she handled exactly as one would expect good German engineering to handle, like a champ!  Not to say that the ex-terrarium/goldfish-bowl-of-a-wheel-well/biosphere (aka Dodge Neon) couldn’t have handled the drive but with Hilde I just felt, well, safer and more sure footed.  Yeehaw Hilde!  I think she’ll handle WI just fine.

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