No, your eyes are not disceiving you and no my spellings issues aren’t getting worse.  That’s the name of the pattern for the latest knitting FO.  Named with a Wii game in mind you can see the pattern yourself at

These little guys are knitted for one North Carolina resident named Adelaide Jane whom Ryan will get to visit this week whilst he is getting his WOFR certification (Wilderness First Aide Responder).  Lucky Ryan on both accounts visit a cute gal and getting to play in the woods!  They are knitted as one long tube with bulbs at either end and then one is folded into the other.

They are supposed to be then stuffed to round out the ball but I like them this way.  Before closing off the end I also added the little snowflake detail via a duplicate stitch.  Rather than looking like a bowling ball hand I think they look more like Christmas ornaments.  I know they don’t match the feeling of the online pattern and maybe that’s because of the neutral color pallet.  Maybe though it was meant to be, how rare is it to find a pattern you want to knit, the needle size you need, the yarn type called for, the perfect recipient and the right colors?  Four out of five ain’t bad.

Hope she likes them.

Hope you and yours are keeping dry and warm!


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