Ah the smell of a gas leak first thing in the morning–burns the nostrils and leaves the head light. Or should the light-headedness be attributed to coming home after 2 nights on at work? The lines are blurred for me, I guess, and I must apologize preemptively if this email is 1 part gibberish ½ part humor and ½ part indescribable.

Life is chugging along for the adventures of RA and VA. Ryan’s last day of work is TODAY! Congrats Baby! I know you are excited and I’m excited for you too. This next adventure is going to add new challenges to both of us. You know where to find me for the early morning paper edits.

I think our 2 Apple family will be quite compatible for sharing formatting. Just don’t be surprised if you “accidentally” end up with the desktop computer instead of this most awesome of laptops I’m currently using at the coffee shop / gas leak haven. Coffee as we all know is a miracle drink but who knew it’s establishments could be so multifunctional?

In knitting news I’m working on a pair of fingerless mitts. I apologize it is an un-hyperlinked photo but the computer I’m working on isn’t sharing my usual choices. Maybe I’ll be able to fix this in a bit on another computer.

I’ve been eyeing this design for a while. I’m not using the specified yarn or the specified needles but my swatch knitted up to make the size large work and the end products is brilliantly soft. Do you think it makes my arm look really wide? Is that a trick of small stitches in a big stitch pattern or am I making this all up in my neurotic mind?

The more though I look the more I think the yarn asks for a different pattern. Or my eyes ask for a different pattern. Either way it is a good template for future fingerless gloves.

I want to be sure before I weaving in the ends. Thoughts?

Hope you are all well. I’m continuing my attempt to stay awake, wish me luck.

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