It’s getting to be that time of year when a couple of things happen.  The weather turns colder and I turn older.

This is the temperature in our house right now, at 2:30p.

Not too bad if you don’t mind wearing a sweater and some socks.  I know for some folks this is still t-shirt weather but that folk ain’t me. What I love though is that this time of year rejuvenates the motivation to knit and climb.  No more swealtering heat.  My lungs can breath and my hands need more wool.

I wonder how long we’ll last this year before turning the heat on.  I’m going to push through Thanksgiving.  The first of December would be neat too but nature will prolly determine that more than we will.  Fingers crossed though!
In the other numbers news I’ve hit yet another very round number.  Actually I was working as the clock chimed over and the new round number struck. Which was more fun than you’d expect.

Sorry for the quality of the photos, I was running out the door, snagged the poor husband to capture these few moments.  Although posturing a bit like Evita I’m actually saying “sayanara” to my 20s and telling my 30s to “bring it!”… I’m ready.

I mean, afterall, what couldn’t go well in the next decade with a looker like the tall cool drink in this photo? I figure all that this means is that I have more income and I know better what’s really really REALLY fun.