And he finished it before the SAG vehicle came around to collect people. For a man who was only training for a 10K 3 months ago I think finishing a marathon is quite an accomplishment to be proud of!

I hope to have pictures to post eventually. 🙂

Our friend Ken was there to watch/wait out the whole day with me too. We missed Ryan in the start. There were about 11,500 runners so I’m not too shocked. It didn’t help either that we were on the wrong side of the street. We handed him off 1/2 a banana at mile 8.5 and while walking to find a coffee shop bumped into the race again. So we waited and surprised him with a cheering section at mile 12.5. He was looking really strong.  We wouldn’t see him again until mile 26.2 where he did infact jog across the finish line..too focused to smile.  Alas.

Ken brought along his camera and good spirit so the day went by fairly quickly. (It also helped that he and his most wonderful wife gave us a place to stay the night before the race and cooked a most excellent pasta dinner for that last little bit of carb loading.)  Ken’s great orange-can-be-seen-from-outer-space jacket also helped with Ryan being able to pick us out of the crowd.
Bib 4231 finished in 5h41m05s.  He was pacing the first half of the race to finish in 5 hrs but between miles 15-19 (pretty much a slow and long continual up hill battle) his pace slowed down a bit.  He says it was the best long run he’s ever had but now is not the time to talk about doing another marathon.  LOL.

It was quite a good day for people watching.  Both runners and supporters.  Ryan said there were really only 2 sourpusses on the whole route (and that’s out of 11,500 people remember!).  Additionally he only saw one car nearly run into a marathoner because they were too impatient to wait out or go around the event.  What surprised me the most was the up beat attitude people had.  Lots of people were cheering on for all the runners.  Ryan said many a person would shout out, “Keep it up 4231!” and that little encouragement would really bolster his spirits.
26.2 miles is a long way to go, made less lonely if you are running with a pace group or if you have a friend to run it with you but when you get down to it, it really becomes a determination of body and mind to keep going.  Even to simply train for a marathon is a marathon of determination. There were many mornings that were difficult to wake up to and get out and run.  There were several GORGEOUS weekends that we didn’t go climbing or travel because he needed to get his long runs in.
In an odd way marathons are both a solitary and group effort. Go figure. In the end though, YOU didn’t give up.

Baby, I’m so proud of you!