As the weather cools off the fever to knit kicks in.  That and having FO (finished objects) inspire to put new WIP (works in progress) onto the needles.

Now earlier it was mentioned that seaming was something built up to be scary in my head when it turns out to not be so scary afterall.  And thus I present my first sweater:

It’s the Silk Shrug from Erika Knight’s Book.  I figured a small sweater project would probably be best for cutting my teeth on piecing projects together.  This sweater is knit in 5 pieces: back, 2 fronts, 2 sleeves.  The construction wasn’t too bad and I love how it looks.

Thank goodness I had the frame of mind to knit up a size.  The next size down probably would have been too clingy and would have made my arms look fat. (Yes, please laugh out loud at me, I know my arms aren’t fat but there you have it, I think they look it when not draped appropriately!) Also the length is a good one, it comes to about a hand width above my pant line or just above my natural waist (belly button level, if I had a belly button in my back that is).

I think I’m ready to tackle another large project!  Wahoo!

But in smaller projects, friends of ours are getting married this weekend–Sean and Jehana.  Jehana’s parents gave us refuge a couple of nights in Canada and Jehana and her mother cooked a couple of most amazing Indian dinners for us.  Jehana’s mom got a knitted washcloth as a gift and Jehana got a crochetted chalkbag.  This though left Sean without a gift of his own.  Drat!  So in addition to the wedding gift, Sean gets this:


OOoooh, it’s oh so geometric. I hope he likes it. Pattern is from Brooklyntweed, was easy to knit up and taught me a new trick on the sticks (scroll down to jogless join). But it looks like there are other techniques to try as well for the same effect. Maybe I’ll try that on the next one.  All in all a great project!

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