Crazy how time changes and it doesn’t feel like that much time has actually passed.  Literally the last time I saw this chair it was actually in Peabody Hall.  I had a couple of lectures parking my rear end in this chair or one of it’s compatriots.  Now it provides rest for the weary souls who make it through Jungle Jim’s (only the coolest grocery store in the universe, seriously, if you live anywhere near Fairfield, OH, and you haven’t checked it out you are missing out and so I double dog dare you to go).

It is becoming such that every time I go home, the home of my memories is becoming just that…a home of memories.  The water tower is gone, new buildings have sprung up.  Traffic lights become new hazards and risks for tickets.  (“What the?  When did that get there?”  And, “Yeah, uh honey, I was just testing the breaks.  They work grrreeat.”)

It’s inevitable, I know. It may also be silly to be sentimental about buildings.  The people are still there (more or less, over time that changes too) and the layout of my youth hangs around like wrinkles at the corners of my eyes.  It does make me wonder if we’ll keep building until all the green spaces and gathering places under the sun are gone.

Western College is also where I met the most engaging Annie, included in the picture.  There are many wonderful people in the world but there are a few of those people who really touch and open up your soul.  Annie is one of those people to me.  If you think I’m uptight now, you should have met me pre-Annie era. Yowsers…that’s all I have to say.

So change, internal and external.  Inevitable.  But where to keep the aspects of us that are our green spaces and where to build newness?

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