Alright, so I’ve been trying my hand at the knitting for baby thing.  Ryan’s lil’sis was due at any moment and the deadline was drawing near.  The sleeper was all together, albeit in pieces and thus is sat for months(!) all because I was afraid to seam it up and thus eff it up.  What was I afraid of?  In retrospect, although time consuming, the seaming worked out pretty well.  Look, a tube!


So, after making the sleeves one piece it wasn’t too daunting to get the arms onto the body and viola a baby sleeper.  ‘Course, this will only fit for about the first week of the new’uns life and the arms are a bit restrictive but, hey, I’m trying here!

Any way, finished this little piece and left it to block on the couch.  Ryan and I go climbing for the weekend. I wonder to myself, “Gee VA, maybe you should take that along seeing as maybe she could go into labor at any minute.” Then countered myself, “Nah, her due date is WEEKS away just let the thing dry.” Last day of our weekend, get the phone call lil’sis is in labor.  LOL.  That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.  Maybe he’ll like getting a first package mailed to the house just for him

And cute as a button he is.

This kiddo had 12,000 people in the hospital waiting room waiting for him to come into the world. (That’s just an approximation.)  With that came a lot of cameras and by the end of it all the kid had learned something new.

  Hey!  Enough, enough already.  My eyes are new to this thing.
Man can he command a room.  Welcome into the world lil’guy.  We are so happy to meet you.