That might be a bit of an over statement.  It wasn’t really a tropical storm, more like the big bad wolf at our door.  Remnants of Ike huffed and puffed and blew down trees, powerlines and some roofs.  Fortunately we were not greatly effected structurally although it did interfere with my nap before the nightshift.  How can someone sleep when you think that the tree outside your window is going to come crashing in and destroy the living room?

Oddly, despite that neurosis the only thing I did to prevent damage in the living room was move some pictures that are irreplaceable for me.  The small collages of my Dad and his family and my Mom and her family along with a my family portrait from circa 7 years old got tucked away wrapped in a blanket in the central most closet of the house.

Our condo association was lucky.  The only damage we really had was to a gutter system however that is not to say that our court yard didn’t have it’s own show.  It is amazing what 10 minutes can do.  Here are two pictures of the same resting place.  You can see the limbs down in the first one.

Now look at the second.  The wind has blown the benches and more trees are down. Luckily I could still make it out my front door.  Not that the same could be said for every building.  Some people were having to use the back doors.  Thankfully they had back doors else they’d be climbing out of windows.

Hope all of you and yours were safe during the storm.  We were without electricity for 28 hours.  Not too bad.  I think living where we do had something to do with it (million dollar homes and the restaurant strip/grocery store strip)… rumor is other areas may be without wattage for up to 2 weeks.  That made for the pizza place to be hoppin’ last night.

Random last tidbit.  We have some plant that I don’t know what it is all I know is I took a clipping of it from my Momma and it has somehow survived all these years and produced an offshoot.  What is has been recently doing though is a little flexibility training.  What used to point strait up to the sky has since grown downward and horizontal before working it’s way back up again.  I don’t know it if it plant yoga, dancing, indecisive or just plain searching but there you have it.  Go plant! Go!