The wedding went off marvelously. I blinked and it was over.

We were humbled and amazed by the family and friends that showed up. Some early, professional, pictures from our amazing photographers can be found here:

Props actually have to be given to Wes Allen who was responsible for introducing Ryan and I in the first place. He is an amazingly generous friend, great conversationalist, talented photographer and luckily married to the equally amazing Tania. If you know anyone getting married in the KY, Cincy, etc region they would be a great contact.

I think the key to a great, stress-free wedding, is to hire people you trust and then really trust them to do what they are meant to do.

For example, I’ve seen pictures where I’ve tried to do my own hair. It is worth it to pay someone else to do it.

This Dali-esque bun was perfect, stayed off my neck, stayed put and photographed pretty well. Yes, that is Ryan in the picture. He was the first to see the dress, the hair the ensemble, all of it all together before anyone else. (That has to be a tradition somewhere…right?)

Thinking a little more on hiccups there may have been one little ‘cup that was all my own fault. I didn’t have the guest book prominently displayed so I think we missed a few signatures/notes. However, here was the opening message within it in case it was missed (let’s face it, my handwriting can be terrible and small):

Ours is a story that began, as many of our stories do begin, on a climbing trip. Labor Day weekend, New River Gorge, West Virginia, 2004. A three-day weekend in which a rather eclectic group of climbers were gathered together and new friendships made. Neither Ryan nor I were looking for love that trip but life, that mischievous storymaker, has many mysteries and discoveries along its journey. Some discoveries we are searching for and some appear on the path before us. It isn’t always easy to see what is there but thankfully for Ryan and I, our stubborn eyes couldn’t close to the wonder we found in each other. Every day is a new adventure (some more exciting than others) and every day renews the wonder.

Thank you for sharing this day with us. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for shared conversations. Thank you for challenging us. Thank you for being there to lift us up when we needed it. Thank you for sharing moments of this journey through life with us. Thank you.

Overall the setting was breathtaking, the band played great, food good and the drinks flowed freely. All around a wha-whoo! is in order.

Ryan and I are truly fortunate to have such amazing family and friends. What we did to deserve you we are still trying to puzzle out. How we warrant flying in from California, D.C., NYC, etc we don’t know.
Thank you.

P.S. Our friend, climber Ken from prior post infamy, his wife made us a quilt and here’s a picture of it. That’s just a little sample of how awesome everyone is.