So I’ve given it more thought after the 100th person told me I didn’t seem like I was about to get married.  To be honest, it was sorta starting to get to me.  When that many people repeat something it makes a person a little introspective.  Am I not going into this with the right attitude?  Am I forgetting something? Etc and whatnot.

When I talked to Ryan he pointed out to me that for some people this is considered THE most important day of their lives.  That sort of reminds me of people saying their college years were the best days of their lives. For me, that is just something I don’t buy into.  Everyday we get is a chance to be a “best” day.  Why is this day more important than the day I met Ryan?  Or when we celebrate our 50th anniversary?

As long as everyone is alive and healthy at the end of the day, it’s a good day.  If the pastors don’t make it because their car breaks down, we can always get someone else to sign the paperwork or do it another day. If the wine goes bad there is a huge store across the river that would be more than happy to sell us libations, I’m sure.  If the band is no good, we have an iPod.  If the iPod runs out of juice maybe we’ll all start singing or *gasp* talk with one another.  If the food taste like crap..well, we could always order pizza.

If any of those things happen, they’ll just add to the story of the day.  (And probably expense…doh!)

If this is supposed to be one of those happiest days of my life then going into it stressed is going to put that much more pressure on the party to be fun to overcome my neurosis.

So, I’ll continue with my happy-go-lucky attitude.  It’s working for me so far.

(Course, by the end of today I might need a beer or two.  I have a list that isn’t too short that I’d ideally like to accomplish today.)

Cheers, y’all!