So far so good.  0% stress on the wedding front.  Things are coming along.  Bills are being paid and the big day is just around the corner.  Yowsers.

But, that is not what I wanted to write about today.  I was looking back at some of our trip photos and thought to myself, “Did we really take this photograph?”

Were we really there?  Is that someone else’s memory?
Or this one:

Before anyone (parents, ehem) gets too anxious no new big trip is yet planned for the horizon.  Ryan’s trip to school is big enough to zap some of our resources.

The line from birth to death for some is a straight path without looking to the side trails, it’s easy to map and an honorable map.  The map of my life from birth to death?  Perhaps it could be used as a psychoanalyst’s tool, “What do you see in this picture?”  Is it so convoluted for lack of focus, easy distractability, or because I’m part nomad?

I guess I’m in a pondering phase this morning.  Life has felt pretty settled lately and almost too normal. (Is that what wedding planning does for a person?)

I need to inject a more adventurous attitude into my day-to-day. To open my eyes to the sites around me that are amazing and let those moments gather and accumulate.  I know everyday can be amazing and I’m grateful for everyday I have to stand on my own feet and point them in directions that I want to go.

But, another long road trip wouldn’t hurt a soul either.  Right?