I PASSED!!!!!  To some this may not be a surprise but to me, who’s job prospects and self-esteem and all sorts of hardwork were tied up into it, I’m am VERY relieved to know that some computer agrees that I’m not a complete and utter idiot.  Ryan too is please because that means his prosepects of having a sugar-momma in the future months are secured.  That’s right, Ryan officially got accepted into grad school and officially got offered an assistantship.  What will that mean?  Well, come January he’ll be moving northward while I stay put.  And how will that be?  Well, in short, that will suck.  But, we’ve survived many life events together so I’m sure we’ll make it through this one as well.  It also will mean that I won’t be there to annoy the heck out of him while he is trying to study.  Poor guy/ lucky him.
Man, projects are getting ticked off the list.  What am I going to do with free time?  Especially once Ryan’s off to the great north?  Does anyone else see visions of coffeeshops and yarns stores dancing in their head?  A girl’s gotta fill her time somehow and this may be the year Ryan gets a sweater out of it.

Thanks to everyone who listened to me freak out after I took my exam.  And thanks for all your support this long journey towards a career and employment.