Recently I’ve really been obsessed with watching the “Boy With A Coin” video by Iron and Wine.  If you too want to obsess and watch some lovely flamenco just search for the song title on YouTube and it should be the first hit.

I tried to embed the video but I don’t think this version of wordpress supports that action.  (Or I don’t have the appropriate add-on software.)

A trip report is sorely due as well.  Ryan and I just returned from a Boundary Waters Trip (it is a canoe wilderness area in Northern, MN).  We traveled with college friends of mine and their 2 1/2 year old.  The trip was wonderful.  We had 4 days on the water and 3 nights.  3 of the days were absolutely gorgeous with the second day in being the coldest, mistiest, windiest and nearly nastiest day to spend out doors.  Luckily it was one of our “lay over” days in which we were supposed to go out and fish.  I wasn’t going to fish in that wet coldness but one of our party did.  Alas!  More stories and pictures to come.  Just posting to say, “Hello!  We are alive and home safely!”


Ryan and VA