As I’m now out of the craziness that was nursing school I’m trying to recapture moments of normalcy from life previous. Mind you, this is a rather larger than it sounds.  Not only have I had a hiatus from housework because Ryan, the most magnificent, was the most supportive these last twelve months but also because prior to that we were living out of our truck and quite frankly, there is only so much domesticity one can cultivate when living in a space that is 73.5 inches long, 50 inches wide and just big enough for me to sit up in if I slouched over.

Thus, you’ll be happy to find out that as I awoke this morning I hit my hand to my forehead.  I’d forgotten something.  Nothing big, nothing truly important in the scheme of things but definitely a little milestone to remind me that domesticity does require a few spark plugs to be firing.  Didn’t I put laundry in the washer THREE days ago?  As I ran frantically to flip the surely-by-now lightly moldy scented underwear, pants and socks I only found them to be disappeared!  Not in the washer, not in the dryer.  Surely senility isn’t already kicking in…lo and behold…they are neatly folded on the dresser.  The true domestic deity (not that you’d know it by looking at him) had rescued the rags.


That’s okay.  I’ve got some time right?

In other news I re-cemented myself as a useful member of the team by chauffeuring the Taco to Lex-vegas for some break work.  While that happened I was able to sheng-hi my old work place, formerly FMSM.  When I worked there, everyone was pretty clustered.  The office was set up centered by four cubicles and surrounded by offices.  Some shenanigan occurred involving the throwing of objects, the over listening of conversations (Say, is your hair wet today?) and sharing of trips to get coffee.  Since then some reorganization has occurred and it really feels like everyone has been sent to different corners for a little time out.  Sadness!  Really though, this just delays the inevitable.  Those guys are too smart to be de-shenaniganned.  It just takes a little more sneakery I believe.

The end of the day involved cheering Paul’s soccor team on.  The game started with a light drizzle and ended with a pretty steady rainfall and cold wind.  Team color was orange playing against green.  Unfortunately my umbrella was green so I’m making up for it today by wearing orange, sorry Paul!  This was my view:

It doesn’t do justice to the rain or the teams. Paul’s the orange spec to the left of the umbrella shaft. Note the amount of rain accumulated.

It really is too bad that being a good cheerer doesn’t translate appropriately to the household.  I shutter to think of the outcome of me cheering from the sidelines while Ryan does laundry.  I don’t think that would go over well.