Ah, the 30 year old blender, “ole faithful”. Maybe she’s only 20…I don’t know for sure but she was a beast in keeping up with the newer kid on the block.

Karen and I are officially professionals in business. Well, as in business as two people can be who do not have a business plan, an advertising campaign or a budget. Still, we make a good team I think and by the looks of the cupcakes, the compliments on them and how few were left over by the end of the evening I’d say we had some margin of success.

Is there any wonder though that I have ZERO craving for cupcakes right now. On the day of the big event I couldn’t even eat one. Now, granted, I doubt this is a condition that is going to last for very long but it was surprising to say the least.

In other news the baby blanket for my classmate is DONE. Wrapped up and waiting for delivery. Thank goodness we still have one more exam together so I can drop the sucker off. It will never be a square, or rectangle, and is now and ode to being a pentagon.

It’s dimensions are pretty funny as well. The width varies from 47 to 60 inches long, the length from 30 to 34 inches. I still love the colors and it survived washing machine and dryer just fine. (A requirement I think for any baby blanket.) If it becomes the dog’s blanket I’m cool with that. Or a lap blanket, that’d be fine too. Hopefully it’ll get some baby drool on it. Now onto the next project.