It’s like calling out into a great echoing madness around here.  Ryan is way out West enjoying the heck out of himself in this beautiful location you may remember from prior blogs.  At least I think he is.  In the 34 second phone call we managed to get in the other day he was laughing his head off so hard I’m surprised he was able to breath and oxygenate his brain.  Let’s hope he comes back and doesn’t just tell me to finish up school and move our stuff out there.

In said echoing madness I escaped out to Lexington for the weekend to see the Yarn Harlot speak at Joseph-Beth. (I know, each mention of knitting increases my dork level by at least a nudge.  It’s a habit that is here to stay, I’m afraid.  Hopefully at least it’ll benefit all of you with warm things to wear on winter days that don’t make people look at you as strangely as they do me in the wee-last-minute-hours-before-Christmas knitting that has become an annual event…at the Pub.)

The Yarn Harlot was fabulous by the way.  And I learned that if I keep knitting I may in fact increase my brain matter along with monks from the eastern hemisphere.  Knitters and monks.  Like peas in a pod.  She was talking about theta brain waves and other such that if you’d like to hear more about, meet me at the Pub and I’ll bring my knitting.  I’ll even bring a spare if you care to learn after seeing the light.  I realize this is being to sound a bit like a cult.  If I start mentioning Kool-Aid someone slap the cup out of my hand.  In fact, if ever I have consumed Kool-Aid, why didn’t you love me enough to slap that out of my hand and replace it with a beer?  Where is the love people?!  (For the moms out there, by beer I meant water, of course.)

The weekend was spent with Jodi and Karen who witnessed my frogging of the edge I’d added to the Whats-the-Miter-With-You? blanket.  Note, said baby was born during Spring Break.  That’s rocking on 5 weeks ago.  It needs a blanket!  But seriously, it’s a baby boy and who wants a ruffled edge on a baby boy blanket.  This blanket, already challenging math and traditional color choices needs to shout out, “I am baby boy!  Hear me roar.”  The over-picking up of stitches on the edge just ruffled it like a potato-chip scarf.  UGH! If I had been thinking I would have taken a picture of it to share so it might make sense to the 75% of you who don’t knit and read this insanity I put up here.

So, somehow I’ve survived without Ryan around to see to it that I feed myself.  I think I’ve done pretty well.  I attempted vegetable sushi the other night.  It was tasty, although the brown rice didn’t become as sticky as I would have liked.  Either our rice cooker is that awesome or brown rice, still having its shell on, doesn’t have as much starch exposed.  And last night, dinner was outsourced to Karen and Matt (different Karen) and Matt grilled up some great pork tenderloin which was a treat anyway since Ryan won’t eat pig.  Thanks Karen and Matt the whole dinner was great!

The school count-down continues with exactly 3 weeks 5 hours until I’m finished with finals.  WOO-HOO!

Maybe you’ll actually get to hear about climbing again.  That would be nice.

Hope y’all are doing well.  I’ll end with a random shot of the yummy fun that is rolling your own sushi.  Cheers!