L’ville does actually get snow.

As I headed out of class yesterday the first flakes began to fall and they started accumulating rather rapidly. By the time I went to bed I’d say we had about 3+ inches and it was still accumulating. Now, you northerns will know, the south is not prepared to deal with snow. It just doesn’t happen often enough so the streets and street-cleaning workers have a hard job ahead of them. They just don’t have the numbers (of vehicles especially) to deal with a good old snow dump. And for today, I am fine with that.

Lying in bed this morning I could hear how the snow had turned to more of an icy substance. I cracked my eyes open and thought back to those mornings when I was younger and would wake up to my mother coming in to turn my alarm off because it had been declared a snow day. What would be the chances? Dare I hope? One wakes up, turns on the computer (no waiting for the radio to get around to it) and bam(!) there are those nice glorious words, “School is closed today due to snow.” Did I dance? Did I give a little yelp? Did I run and jump on the bed? YOU BET I DID!

As I came here to share my morning cup of happiness a little bit of sadness crept in. This is likely the last snow day I’ll have unless there is a LOT of snow. Hospitals, I dare say, don’t cancel very often. What does that translate to? I better live this one up. What does that entail? Getting school work done. Oi. It sucks being responsible.